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A tennis platform for the LGBTQ+ community

For LGBTQ+ people, tennis can be life-changing, and sometimes even life-saving. To make it easier for every LGBTQ+ person, everywhere, to learn, play, compete, and support, we are bringing together all of LGBTQ+ tennis- players, fans, groups, GLTA tournaments, multimedia- on one platform. 


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All of LGBTQ+tennis in one place.


LGBTQ+ people fall in love with tennis for all kinds of reasons, and whether as fitness and fun, or for community and competition, tennis can be life-changing, and sometimes even life-saving. For me personally, tennis has been all of that, and more. I've made life-long friends (and some exes), played 75+ GLTA tournaments (but hardly won any), and had an excuse to travel. From the time I picked up a tennis racquet at 17, tennis has been my self-care and spiritual practice. And I've never been that good! 


Nonetheless, I'd love to make that opportunity accessible for all LGBTQ+ people, and especially those with the least access or who have never seen themselves as athletes. During the pandemic and persistent injuries, I thought through how that could happen- to 'evolve', like Serena. When not playing, watching, and arguing tennis, I've spent my career launching or scaling organizations, particularly for marginalized groups. I am excited to try to do the same for LGBTQ+tennis in 2024. Follow our socials, subscribe to newsletter, download our app, and attend our programs! And if you'd like to contribute, collaborate, partner, or sponsor- let me know!



New York deserves a world-class LGBTQ+ tennis tournament and there is no better time for it than the first weekend of Pride!

Join us June 1-3, 2024 for a brand-new GLTA experience on the biggest stage in global sports- the National Tennis Center, home of the US Open.

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